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Supporting LGBTQI+ People in Northern Ireland

LGBTQI+ Awareness Training

LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training

This training is for all schools, community groups, businesses and public bodies who wish to increase their awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community and the issues this community faces. This is a great opportunity to discuss language, best practice, and offers a space to ask questions in a safe and constructive environment.   

The training focuses on ensuring participants have an understanding of the language and terminology that is applicable to LGBTQIA+ people. It creates understanding around issues that they face and allows participants to examine and consider their professional practices through group discussion.  

It sets out a clear path on how your organisation can become more LGBTQIA+ inclusive. 

This bespoke training can be tailored to your requirements. The recommended duration for this training is 2.5 hours. 

Please contact the Education and Training Manager for more information:

Email: joanne.mcparland@cara-friend.org.uk

Phone: 07729808177

If you are distressed or require help and support out-of-hours, please contact Lifeline on 0808 808 8000. Lines open 24/7