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Supporting LGBTQI+ People in Northern Ireland

Family Ties

Family Ties

The Family Ties Project is a support service for the families of LGBTQI+ people. We provide monthly meetings for parents and other family members to come together, to chat with other families in similar situations and to share experiences of when a loved one comes out. We also offer one to one support, help and guidance. If you think you or another family member could benefit from the Family Ties Project please feel free to contact Lee on 028 9089 0202 or by email at lee.cullen@cara-friend.org.uk.

Family Ties is an initiative offered in partnership between Cara-Friend and The Rainbow Project.

You can check out our Parent’s Resource for advice and guidance on how to respond to your child coming out as LGBTQI+, and how to support them.

Family is important! We all need our families, large and small. We rely on each other, care for each other, love one another. Family is precious to everyone, even to LGBTQI+ people. Unfortunately, many LGBTQI+ people feel that they cannot share an important part of their identity with their families. If and when they do this can still be a distressing and upsetting experience for parents and other family members. No-one can be fully prepared for such an event. The aim of the Family Ties Project is to try to prepare parents, children, relatives, friends – and just about anyone – on how to support an LGBTQI+ person in your family or within your group of friends.